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Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application OR Concurrent Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Rezoning or Specific Plan Application (this application is for either application types)

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A total of 8 MB of files can be uploaded in a single form submission. There is no restriction on file types.
  1. Letter of Authorization: If the applicant is not shown as the owner of the subject parcel a letter of authorization with a signature matching the APIQ must accompany the application at the time of submittal. For example, if the APIQ indicates ownership in a numbered trust such as Chicago Title and Trust #700, a signature of the Trust Officer is required along with a disclosure of the beneficiaries of the trust. If the APIQ indicates ownership to be in an LLC, LP, corporation or company, a signature from an officer with his/her title is required along with a disclosure of the officers of the entity.

  2. Submit an electronic version of the site analysis document for a Site Analysis Rezoning or Specific Plan OR submit an electronic versions of the required submittal documents.

    A total of 8 MB of files can be uploaded to this form. If your submission exceeds 8MB please upload documents to an FTP site such as dropbox.com and paste the access link here:

  3. An ESRI Shapefile or AutoCad DWG file referenced to the Pima County GIS coordinate system for any zoning and/or land use boundary contained within a portion of a parcel or parcels that creates its own unique boundary that is not legally described.

Terms and Conditions

*    I confirm the information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I am the owner of the above described property or have been authorized by the owner to make this application. (By checking the box, I am electronically signing this application.)

For Electronic Submittal:

A case will be opened and an email containing an invoice with the case number and instructions for making payment through the online payment portal will be sent to the applicant within 2 business days.

Attendance to a Pre-Application meeting is a pre-requisite to application submittal. The Pre-Application meeting is scheduled at 201 N. Stone Avenue, 2nd floor on the 3rd Wednesday of the month beginning at 9:00 am.