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Building Permit Application

Complete the below application and attach construction plans and any other required documents for emailing to: BuildingPermit@pima.gov. See our webpage for directions regarding required documents.

Required fields are indicated by *.

Applicant Information

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If relationship is renter, or lessee select Owner's Agent as relationship.
If relationship is architect, engineer or contractor, please provide license number:   

Project Information

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If known provide the following for timely updates during construction:

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Attach requested documents if plans and supporting documentation as applicable

A total of 8 MB of files can be uploaded to this form. If your submission exceeds 8MB please upload documents to an FTP site such as dropbox.com and paste the access link here:

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*    By checking this box, I confirm I am the owner of the above described property or have been authorized by the owner to make this application which is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Production Builders Only 

Please use Model Approval form provided at issuance of the model plan in lieu of this form.