Live Ballot Counting Video Feeds

These feeds are of the Ballot Counting Room, where the ballots are tabulated, and the ballot processing rooms where early and provisional ballots are processed and prepared for tabulation. The staff in these rooms are Elections Department fulltime and intermittent employees and observers from different political parties.

Ballot Processing Facing East

Ballot Processing West Wall Facing Southeast

Ballot Processing

Vault - To Be Counted South Entrance

Ballot Counting Room

Warehouse Rollup

This view is different than the streaming players previously posted on this page because the old streaming software was having buffering issues leaving the impression for some page visitors that the cameras were not working. A substitute more stable streaming converter is being used for this current feed. The County is in the process of purchasing new live streaming software that will be updated on this page soon.

The County is required by state statute to have a live video feed of the counting room. The County is providing feeds for ballot processing and storage in the interest of transparency.

Two-Person Rule:
To prevent the possibility of illegal manipulation of voted ballots, any time voted ballots are not in a sealed container, they shall be in the presence of no fewer than two observers from different political parties. Additionally, the two-person rule is extended to operations in the tabulation room. Anytime the server is unlocked and unsealed, there must be at least two Elections Department employees present in the room. If there are voted ballots in the room, political party observers must be present as well. For more information about Elections Center security, see the Elections Security Plan.