Right of Entry Request Process for Pima County Properties

Contractors and vendors performing certain types of work (typically telecommunications) in buildings owned or leased by Pima County are required to obtain a Right of Entry (ROE) agreement before beginning any project. It is our goal to handle your request promptly and efficiently. To begin the process, we require the following information:

  1. Project Contact Information
  2. Address where work will take place
  3. General Project Description
  1. Scope of Work, also known as Statement of Work or Field Engineering Report
  2. Equipment List (and accompanying spec sheets)
  3. Proposed Project Start date

Process timeframe

In most cases, if all the necessary information is made available up front, our initial review can be completed in 5-7 business days. Contractors and vendors should allow a minimum lead time of 15 business days to complete the entire process before receiving a finalized Right of Entry document. Of course, every project is different and these timeframes may vary and should be considered guidelines only.

You will be working with a single point of contact throughout this process, but to give you an idea of how things work, we have put together a graphical representation of the workflow between you and the County departments involved in your Right of Entry.

How to contact us if you have questions.

*This is a request only, and does not serve as permission to begin any work or activity on Pima County Property. The Right of Entry Request Process is used to determine whether a Right of Entry will be granted. If approved, a fully executed Right of Entry, containing applicable terms and conditions, will be provided to the requesting entity.

For uploaded documents, there is a 8MB file size limit. PDF format is preferred for supporting documentation.

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